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Certified by TUV to meet the EN 14181 standard, the S305 dust monitor is used for official emissions applications.  The state of the art dust monitor has been used in stack emissions for a number of state owned and private industrial applications around the world. Utilizing our unique electric induction principle, the S305 brings the reliability the government requires and combines it with the convenience plant operators expect from a particulate measurement device.  With minimal maintenance required, this is an optimal solution for plant operators needing to measure stack dust emissions for government control.
  • 2 Independent alarm relays
  • 4–20 mA signal output
  • Remote setup & configuration
  • Self zero check
  • Span check
  • Filter bag leak detection
  • Filter performance
  • Particulate emissions monitoring in mg/m3
  • Certified emissions monitoring in mg/m3
  • Serial communication
  • Power/electricity generation
  • Cement industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Metal industry
  • Paper industry
  • Coal Fired Power Plant

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