In order to characterize gas separation membranes with single or mixed gases, Convergence developed a gas permeation system. The unit allows the user to create their own customized feed gas composition and perform experiments at user defined flowrates, pressures and temperatures. Thanks to an integrated permeate side vacuum pump, solution-diffusion experiments can be performed using a pressure increment method.

The system is equipped with a heating system. Cooling options and evaporator systems for introducing humidity or VOC’s is available as a custom option.
On request the system is available in a bench top model (gas permeation system) or as a industrial sized pilot for full scale modules (gas permeation pilot).

The userfriendly software interface records flows, temperatures and pressures and allows the creation of individual test scripts. It also allows automatic calculation of permeability, permeance , stagecut, TMP (trans-membrane pressure) and other user defined calculations. The system allows you to attach all kinds of flat sheet membranes, tubular or hollow fiber membranes and thus makes it extremely flexible. A 47mm flat sheet membrane module is included.

  • Feed flow range: 0,16 nmL/min – 25 nL/min
  • Feed flow accuracy: < 0,5 % of reading + 0,1 % of FS
  • Permeate flow range: 0,16 nmL/min – 25 nL/min
  • Permeate flow accuracy: < 0,5 % of reading + 0,1 % of FS
  • Pressure range: 2 – 30 bar
  • Pressure accuracy: < 0,1 %
  • Temperature range: 0 – 120°C (different temperature ranges optional)
  • Dimensions: 70 x 26 x 38 cm
  • The system is highly customizeable and can for example be designed to support operation at up to 250°C or allow the introduction of vapors through controlled evaporation and mixing.
  • Different sensoring options such as dew point detectors or an automated GC are also available.

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