The world-wide used ASTM standardized SDI (Silt Density Index) is a simple and cheap test to determine the fouling potential of water. We have developed the first available portable and fully automatic SDI/MFI analyser for doing both SDI as well as MFI (Modified Fouling Index) experiments.

SDI: Silt Density Index

To determine the rate at which particulate and colloid matter will foul membranes, the widely accepted method Silt Density Index (SDI, ASTM D4189) is used. Many (membrane) manufacturers have adopted this parameter and use it amongst other chemical/physical parameters as basis for their guarantee conditions.

The simple test compromises a short filtration cycle on a 0.45 um microfiltration (MF) membrane resulting in a indexed number.

A drawback of the SDI test is the fact that it is difficult to obtain a reproducible and accurate SDI value. Due to this there are often discussions on obtained SDI results. The most important known sources of error are:

  • Variable microfiltration (MF) membrane properties
  • Varying testing conditions
  • Artifact causing parameters such as air bubbles

MFI : Modified Fouling Index

The Modified Fouling Index (MFI) is a measure for the fouling capacity of water on (mostly) membrane reactors. The MFI (0.45) has been developed to overcome the main deficiencies of SDI. The advantages of MFI are:

  • Accurate measurement to predict feed- and driving pressure
  • Temperature corrected
  • Linear correlated with colloidal/suspended matter
  • Fouling potential of particles <0.45 um is measured

The obtained MFI value is corrected for temperature and pressure and shows a linear relation with colloidal suspended matter concentration.

SDI-MFI Inspector

The Convergence Inspector SDI Analyzer / MFI Analyzer is a test device that has been designed not only to consider the MFI (0.45) advantages, but also to minimize, if not eliminate, human errors. Due to the software installed the system is capable of measuring the following parameters in one test: SDI5, SDI10, SDI15, SDIv, SDI+ and MFI.

Specifications Filter Cartridge:
Mean pore size: 0.45 um
Diameter: 25 mm, flat
Thickness: 115 – 180 um

Pure water flow: 25 – 50s per 500 ml
Pressure: 91.4 – 94.7 kPa
Bubble point: 179 – 248 kPa

  • Dimensions: 30 x 25 x 18 cm
  • Weight: 9,5 KG
  • Data: USB 2.0
  • Interface: HMI colour touchscreen
  • Pump capacity: 10 – 300 ml/min
  • Measuring range SDI: 0-6
  • Measuring range MFI: 0-12
  • Applicable for highly fouled feed water
  • Not dependent on test membrane permeability
  • Applicable for Ultrafiltration (UF) permeate (feed to Reverse Osmosis (RO))

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