Compact Portable Liquid Dosing System consists of a Mass Flow Meter of the  mini CORI-FLOW™ or CORI-FLOW™ series, a gear pump, an operation module and power supply, built together in a ½19" or 19" housing with carrying handle. The onboard PID-controller of the flow meter will be optimized for control of the gear pump and enables an immediate start of dosage after connecting power cable and fluid accessories. Just enter the desired flow at the operation module (or remotely by computer) and the compact unit will dose true mass flow, independent of e.g. ambient temperature and back pressure. Several models are available to cover wide flow control and pressure ranges, also for aggressive fluids.
  • Complete modular, small sized, liquid dosing system, ideal for laboratory use or system integration
  • Gear pump directly controlled by mass flow meter with adjustable PID-controller via voltage output signal
  • Direct liquid true mass flow dosage (not volumetric)
  • High accuracy and stability (nearly pulse-free)
  • No balance required
  • Flow rate independent of back (process) pressure and temperature
  • No need to pressurize liquid source
  • Prevents gas bubbles in dosed liquid
  • Flow meter controlled pump provides long term accuracy
  • Integrated pump protected from running dry
  • Indication of:
    • measured value (direct or %) and setpoint
    • totalized flow; optional batch control and alarm functions
    • pressure (optional)
  • Desired flow to be set through:
    • Keyboard on operation module,
    • Analog 0…5(10) V / 0(4)…20 mA or
    • Digital communication by:
    • RS232, Profibus-DP®, DeviceNet™,
    • Modbus-RTU, LonWorks or FLOW-BUS
  • Laboratory
  • industrial environment
  • hazardous areas
  • semiconductor processing
  • analytical equipment.

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