The FLOW-SMS series on a compact, lightweight but still rugged mounting rail system one or more mass flow or pressure sensor modules can be combined with control valves, shut-off valves, mixing chambers, filters or any other functional module as per customer's request. The ranges for the flow sensor can be selected between approx. 5 mln/min up to 50 ln/min or even higher. Depending on the application.
  • Compact assembly ensures space efficiency and minimized dead volume
  • Economical solution, low cost of ownership
  • Tubeless construction reduces potential leak points
  • Service friendly; easily accessible from the top
  • Great flexibility regarding system extension or modification
  • Pre-tested “Plug and Work” units, reducing custom testing requirements

The FLOW-SMS Series has great potential in many different markets, for instance in: 

  • Vacuum, plasma, sputter and coating processes
  • Catalytical test benches
  • Semiconductor and solar cell fabrication
  • Burner control (welding)
  • Biotechnological and chemical installations
  • Food and beverage processes

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