MTS offers Insertion Type Electromagnetic flow meter, called SROAT – 1000i is an ideal solution for water flow measurements in large diameter pipes. Fairly good accuracy of measurement (typically ± 1% of flow rate) can be achieved with little care in installation of probe and transmitter. The electrical conductivity of liquid under measurement can be as low as 20 µS / cm. Being insertion type, there is virtually no pressure loss. Most economical as compared to its counterpart in full bore measurement or ultrasonic measurement.  
  • Insertion Type Electromagnetic Flow Meter is an Ideal solution for water flow measurements in large diameter pipes
  • Available in different line sizes from 200 mm to 2000 mm
  • Typical accuracy of ± 1% (Best accuracy in it’s class)
  • Measurement results are independent of density, viscosity ,Pressure, temperature, solid impurities & conductivity Variations (above 5 µS/cm)
  • Excellent long term stability using pulsed DC magnetization & auto zero technique
  • Best suited for irrigation and water supply departments, public service and utility departments
  • Water Supply
  • Public Services & Utilities
  • Effluent Treatment Plants
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Sugar Industries & Distilleries
  • Food & Drugs

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