MTS offers IQ+FLOW® Mass Flow Sensor. Due to the use of micro solid state technology (MEMS), It has been able to halve the footprint dimension to 0.75", thereby realizing the ultra compact flow and pressure meters and controllers.
  • Flow ranges from 0,2…10 mln/min up to 0,1…5 ln/min (Full Scale values)
  • Very stable Zero, due to the thermally balanced chip-sensor
  • Compact assembly ensures space efficiency
  • Economical solution, low cost of ownership
  • Fast response, down to 300 msec
  • Analog and digital (RS232 or RS485) communication

Examples of analytical applications based on the ultra compact modules with a footprint of 0.75″ are:

  • Flow – Pressure control at the injector side of a GC
  • Flow control at the detector side of a GC or HPLC
  • Flow control in an FID detector

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