The LIQUI-FLOW™ series L10I/L20I digital Liquid Flow Meters / Controllers for low flow ranges are equipped with a rugged 'industrial style' (IP65) pc-board housing for use in industrial environments. The instruments operate on a thermal, thru-flow measuring principle. The flow meter can be connected to a control valve to form a closed control loop. The standard direct acting valve (model C2I) is normally closed, has a pressure capability of 100 bar (1500 psi) and a purge connection for easy elimination of air or gas. Lowest range 0,25 ... 5 g/h  Highest range 20 ... 1000 g/h forfluids with thermal properties similar to H2O
  • fast and accurate measuring signal
  • insensitive to mounting position
  • very small internal volume
  • suitable for liquids with low boiling points
  • for laboratory and OEM applications
  • also available for industrial applications, with IP65 housing, ATEX Cat. 3, Zone 2
  • Semiconductor industry
  • HPLC applications
  • Chemical industry
  • Food & Pharmaceutical industry
  • Analytical laboratories

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