MTS Offers Insertion Thermal Mass Flow meter LEOMI-586 that is most preferred by Industrial, Environmental and Commercial customers for a variety of applications such as Compressed Air, Combustion Air, Aeration Air, Flue gas, Waste-gas, Landfill gases etc.

LEOMI 586 is a standard mass/ volume flow meter has been developed as a new Measuring system which combines separate analogue controllers for high resolution & very fast response together with a very new and high performance digital microprocessor controllers for long-term stability & very high absolute accuracy instead of a traditional drift prone Wheatstone Bridge for controlling over temperature(ΔT).

This ensures guarantee stable electronic evaluation for Thermal (Calorimetric) Probes with excellent electrical characteristics.

  • Calorimetric flow meter, utilising the heat dissipation principle
  • No moving parts
  • Wide measuring ranges allow the detection of leakage & increases in consumption
  • Measuring mass flow rate independent of pressure and  temperature variation
  • High accuracy throughout temperature ranges up to 400⁰C
  • Operates in any positions
  • Programmable pipe diameters from 15mm to 10000mm
  • Probes with Ø=12mm & Length up-to 2000 mm available
  • Circular, Square, Rectangular and other ducts mounting possible
  • Easy Installation & maintenance
  • HALAR® & PFA coated probes for highly corrosive gases available
  • Integration in data network with different data converters possible
  • In-built terminal software with gas volume, gas mixture & insertion depth caculator

  • Measuring standard mass/volume flow rate
  • Record of compressed air consumption by department or individual equipment
  • Determine of losses from leakage 
  • Optimizing BOD and Energy cost in Effluent Water Treatment Plant
  • Gas productioin, control , safety and reporting in Bio Gas
  • Accurately measure flare gases at extremely high flow rate upto 4000ºC
  • Low pressure drop, high accuracy and direct mass flow readings to measure natural gases
  • Measurement for optimizing combustion control
  • Simple design to operate helps in energy conservation easily

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