MTS offers testo 410i compact vane anemometer with smartphone operation is ideal for measuring air velocity and temperature at air outlets and ventilation grilles. The testo Smart Probes App enables readings to be viewed conveniently and offers intelligent additional functions.

It fits perfectly into any shirt pocket: the testo 410i vane anemometer is ideal for measuring air velocity and temperature at air outlets and ventilation grilles. Even measuring and adjusting the volume flow is easy. The testo 410i gives you huge flexibility, so you can adapt to any unplanned measuring requirements in your everyday work. Measuring convenience thanks to the App The testo 410i combines professional Testo measuring technology with the efficient functions of an App. Your smartphone or tablet is used as a convenient display for your measuring values on site. You can view all measurement data via the testo Smart Probes App, and email the log immediately as a PDF or Excel file. Configuration of the volume flow measurement is really easy with the App, partly due to the fact that you can carry out parametrization of the outlet (dimension, geometry) intuitively. Particularly useful: when adjusting a ventilation system, volume flows of multiple outlets can be cross-checked and compared. Timed and multi-point mean calculation also gives you a quick indication of the average air velocity, for example at a ventilation grille. System requirements: iOS 8.3 or later Android 4.3 or later Bluetooth 4.0

DELIVERY SCOPE: Testo 410i vane anemometer with smartphone operation, including protective cap, batteries and calibration protocol.



  • Compact professional measuring instrument from the Testo Smart Probes series, for use with smartphones/tablets
  • Measurement of air flow velocity, volume flow and temperature
  • Easy parameterization of the outlet for volume flow measurement (dimensions and geometry) Presentation of the volume flow of several outlets for the purposes of regulating systems Measurement data analyzed and sent via testo Smart Probes App
  • Space-saving and easy to transport 



  • Air flow in ventilation ducts with smart technology
  • Air flow at the air outlet with smart technology
  • Air velocity in laboratory fume cupboards with smart technology
  • Flow velocity in process air with smart technology
  • Calibration of air velocity measuring instruments and probes with smart technology

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