Turbopulse Turbine Flowmeters are precise, reliable and robust units for the volumetric flow measurement of clean low viscosity liquids. Stainless steel construction with tungsten carbide bearings provides long life with a wide range of aggressive and non-lubricating liquids in petrochemical and general industrial applications. Fifteen sizes cover flows from 0.11 to 7000 m3/hr (0.5 to 30000 USGPM) with +/- 0.5% linearity. Enhanced linearity is available in larger sizes where custody transfer performance is required.
  • High accuracy & repeatability.
  • Low cost of ownership, wide flow range.
  • Rugged & compact design.
  • Certified Exd & I.S. hazardous area versions.
  • Quadrature pulse output option.
  • Integral or remote pre-amplifiers & flow instruments.
  • ±0.15% custody transfer models available. 
  • distribution of fuels
  • alcohols
  • solvents
  • metering of chemicals
  • insecticides
  • water
  • light hydraulic oils

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