MTS offers the digital temperature meter testo 922 is ideal for professional temperature measurements of heating, plumbing and air conditioning with up to three temperature sensors and direct display of temperature differences.

The testo 922 digital temperature meter measures temperatures and determines the temperature difference in fraction of seconds. The temperature meter comes with connecting points for up to two temperature sensors and wireless connectivity for a third sensor.
At-a-glance look at all the features
- Connecting points for 2 optional type K temperature sensors
- Wireless connectivity for a third temperature sensor
- Temperature values and temperature difference directly visible in display
- Permanent display of min and max values
- Hold function that freezes the last reading
The testo 922 temperature meter – accessories and sensors
- There is a wide selection of optional temperature and wireless sensors to help you carry out your temperature measurements
- The testo protocol printer allows you to print out on site; the cyclic pressure can be used in adjustable (i.e. one-minute) intervals
- The durable, IP65 rated TopSafe protective case protects you digital temperature meter against impact and dirt and water ingress
The testo 922 temperature meter – areas of application
Professionals in the fields of heating, plumbing and air conditioning are quick to appreciate the benefits which the compact, easy-to-use testo 922 digital temperature meter has to offer. The testo 922 temperature meter measures temperatures quickly and accurately and determines the temperature difference directly. This allows you to carry out your inspections and checks quickly and efficiently. There’s also an optional testo turbo printer which allows you to print out on site.


DELIVERY SCOPE: Testo 922 temperature meter, calibration protocol, batteries.

  • Ideally suited for application in the HVAC field
  • 2-Channel temperature measuring instrument with optional wireless probes
  • Display of differential temperature
  • TopSafe, the indestructible protective cover, protects from dirt and impact
  • Continuous display of min/max values
  • Hold-button for freezing measurement values
  • Cyclic printing of measurement values, eg., once per minute

  Flow and return temperature measurement on heating systems.
To ensure the heating system is set correctly and efficiently, the flow and return temperatures must be measured. If it is not set correctly, either the requisite heat will not be provided or too much energy will be injected into an overly high flow temperature, i.e. the output from the energy is poor.
Testo 922 advantages: 

  • Quick and easy measurement of the differential temperature with pipe wrap probes
  • Also optionally available with radio probes for wireless measurement
  • Display of minimum and maximum measuring values
  • Immediate printing of measuring values via optional wireless printer

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