The testo 872 thermal imager offers you the highest image quality, very good thermal sensitivity and innovative functions for your work in professional industrial and building thermography.

DELIVERY SCOPE: Testo 872 thermal imager with radio module for Bluetooth/WLAN, USB cable, mains unit, lithium-ion rechargeable battery, pro software IRSoft (free download), 3 x testo ε-Markers, commissioning instructions, short instructions, calibration protocol and case.

  • Infrared resolution 320 x 240 pixels (with testo SuperResolution technology 640 x 480 pixels) Thermal sensitivity 60 mK
  • Integrated digital laser marker
  • With testo Thermography App 
  • Wireless measurement data transfer from clamp meter testo 770-3 and humidity measuring instrument testo 605i
  • With testo ScaleAssist and testo ε-Assist 
  • Testing the air tightness of new builds
  • Preventing mould formation
  • Investigating moisture damage
  • On the trail of ruptured pipe
  • Easy checking of heating systems and installations
  • Support in preventive maintenance
  • Detecting structural defects and ensuring building quality
  • Carrying out detailed energy consultancy

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